Optimal tuning for industrial shock absorbers

The tailor-made solution for every construction

Kinetic energy is converted into heat by means of the universally applicable ACE damping solutions. Here you will find the ideal selection of machine elements that convert destructive forces into harmless heat. These solutions from ACE ensure an even deceleration of moving masses.

Standardsetting damping solutions

ACE's worldwide reputation as a technology and market leader in small, medium and heavy industrial shock absorbers is the result of the successful mix of quality, performance and durability of the solutions.

ACE offers users suitable shock absorbers for every industrial application. Over 200 different models are available, from the smallest model with 4 mm stroke to the largest with 406 mm. Whether self-adjusting or adjustable, ACE dampers can absorb between 0.68 Nm/stroke and 5,400 Nm/stroke of energy and decelerate effective masses between 500 g and 204 t to the point.

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