MAGNUM grippers are universally applicable “out-of-the-box”. The use of third-generation ZAYTRAN technology and the selection of super tough, corrosive resistant materials allows the MAGNUM to efficiently serve day-to-day as well as tough, nearly impossible applications. Examples of the range of MAGNUM application environments include welding, grinding, machining, clean room, epitaxial wafer fabrication, hard disk fabrication, D.I. water and food processing.

Patented Synchronous Techno-logy – Extended Life
The synchronous MAGNUM utilizes ZAYTRAN US patent number 4591199. The force and synchronizing double helix are independent systems. The double helix works only to centre the part to ±0.025 mm (±0.0010”). All of the gripping force is provided by two pistons that are driven pneumatically. The independence of the force and synchronization systems provides precision over the typical 10,000,000+ cycle life of the unit. In non-abusive applications the technology may deliver 20,000,000 or more cycles. At end of life many MAGNUM grippers can be rebuilt.

Double Sealed For Superior Integrity
The magnum mechanism is double sealed to assure that the mechanism is isolated from the environment. In clean rooms and food processing this ensures environmental integrity. In harsh environments the double seals protect the MAGNUM from contamination that could lead to failure.

The Ultimate Materials Force/Weight >200 
All materials of the MAGNUM gripper are designed to eliminate maintenance and assure that the gripper functions in harsh environments. There are two material versions of the MAGNUM gripper: The MAGNUM-AL and the MAGNUM-PET. Each was developed to extend the out-of-the-box applicability of the MAGNUM technology. The design and material selection allow the MAGNUM to provide Force/Weight ratios in excess of 200.
The “AL” version of the MAGNUM is intended for use in very dirty and explosive environments as well as clean rooms. All of the materials are chosen to be corrosive resistant as well as tough.
All materials used in the “PET” version of the MAGNUM comply with FDA requirements for food handling. The PET unit is also D.I. Water tolerant for use in hard disk and epitaxial fabrication.

Clean & Dirty Purge System
Another unique feature of the MAGNUM family is a dual usage purge system (patent pending) that is part of every gripper. The purge system facilitates use in clean rooms (CLASS ONE clean rooms, an independent Lab report is available) and very dirty environments.
In clean rooms the purge system is evacuated. Any contaminants from the pneumatic system that pass the seals of the gripper are eliminated from the environment.
In very dirty environments the purge system is pressurized. Any debris that attempts to make its way under the slide bearings is cleared away by the pressure at the purge port.

Torque and Force Unmatched
ZAYTRAN’s well known SIGMA® grippers are the unchallenged world leaders in torque and force capability. The MAGNUM system borrows the same linear bearing concept. However, to minimize weight and size, advanced polymers are utilized rather than ball bearing rails. The torque and force capabilities of the MAGNUM family are maintained over the life of the gripper due to the length of the bearing surface over which the loads are distributed. (SIGMA is a registered trademark of ZAYTRAN, Inc.)

Lifetime Lubrication 
The universal application of the MAGNUM grippers is made possible with the use of a lifetime lubricant. This allows the use of “dry air” and compliance with new and proposed OSHA regulations that forbid the use of lubricants in air lines. With an FDA rating of H1, this lifetime lubricant is also people and food “friendly”.

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